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Observation Experience

I had the pleasure of observing at Redland Elementary school. I really enjoyed my time there and I was lucky enough to be place at a school that used technology n their P.E. classroom. While observing at Redland i got to observer lessons taught on a Wii fit. The Wii was bought through fund raising done directly by the program for that class specifically. The lessons that were taught on the Wii were mostly dancing lessons which got the whole class involved. This ensured max participation of the class. The Wii was a great tool for this class room and age group. Other than the Wii there was really limited technology used in the class room which was expected for a physical education class. However they did use a stereo to play music when the kids played. When the music stopped all the kids sat down and looked for the teacher. This was a good attention getter and worked very well for this class. Overall I had a great experience at Redland and I would not mind going back to see what they did int the future in there Physical Education class room


Online Courses

As a physical educator it is hard for me to grasp teaching a course online. However, I do feel like it could be useful for some classes or subjects. In Physical Education I can use information online to facilitate learning but I could not do it completely online and feel like I accomplished my job. In my experience I have taken a course online. I completed a Certified Disability Sport Specialist course online. The only problem I had with this was the feeling of not truly learning the information, only memorizing it to pass the quizzes. I feel hat this is a huge pitfall to teaching online and it is something that could be remedied in time. One thing that I think online courses can accomplish better than standard classroom settings, is reaching students with disabilities. If a student is unable to go to the classroom to learn it would be easier to take the class to the student, than the student to the class. I could see online learning benefiting people in this way.

Online Learning

Unfortunately I never had the chance to have a discussion class online. I do believe that online teaching has its place but I also think that there is no replacement for face to face teaching. I believe that this style of teaching has a lot to do with respect and honor, and also a general relationship building between student and teacher. I myself have used videos and forums to learn information but this has always been an alternate way of learning for me, something I have done on my own time. I would not feel comfortable with myself just learning by video. I like the information presented to me in this way maybe because it always has been and partially because I am not a huge tech guy.  Video based learning does have its place. I believe that people with disabilities would utilize thus style of learning because it would allow them to learn from home. I also could see  soem classes such as history and English using this. I think that sciences and classes of that nature would struggle with this because so much of their learning is hands on.

Instant Knowledge

I think that having the power of searches is a great thing for the classroom and all the people that pass through it. Having all these shortcuts allows us to find things that will not only present information differently but will help promote learning in a different way. With all of the Google shortcuts we were shown we can make out searches very specific or narrow depending on our needs. Being able to expand our collection of tools as an educator is always important. In our field of study there is always new information being presented and pushed out into the world and it is important that we posses the skills to find and more importantly use this information.

In conclusion I feel that having the knowledge of power search is a great thing because it gives us yet another window to present information through. It exposes us to information that could possibly take us hours to find if we were not gifted with these shortcuts. Power search is a just another great tool to add to the repertory we use as educators.

Ed. Tech. Review

The article, Obama Administration’s Challenge To Schools: Embrace Digital Textbooks Within 5 Years was posted to the Huffington Post web site. The article starts off by asking if “hardbound textbooks going the way of slide rules and typewriters in schools?”. This is interesting because when you think school the first thing to mind is books or reading books. The article continues and then states that digital book could be a much cheaper solution and a easier way foe students to learn. The author then states that because of broadband capacity or lack of computers and tablets makes this process very difficult for some schools. Later in the article the author gives us the figure, 8 billion dollars is spent of books each year. This is a staggering number and it is a problem that book companies are trying to remedy.

This article was interesting to me because i think digital text book could benefit students but I also feel that some students would suffer because of this. I know personally that I can only read for a long time if I am looking at a book. If a stare at a computer screen my eyes get blurry and my back hurts due to bad posture sitting at a desk. I could see this being a problem foe many students. I know that we can not let a few people hold everyone back but we also cant leave people behind.

Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning (PBL) to me is a great way to teach people not just information but also how to use information and to relate it to real life situations. All people learn differently and that is why I think that the use of PBL and traditional teaching should go hand in hand. This gives students a equal chances to learn and also teaches them how to learn. A student could see that PBL is the way the remember things and learn things better and could use that in the future to study and learn. I got to use  PBL in my high school on occasion. In my Physics class we got the chance to build rockets and measure speed and trajectory and things of that sort. We also got to build derby cars and race them. The biggest project we did that was PBL was building trebuchet’s. We used these catapults to launch projectiles and measure accuracy and distance. I still remember these projects to this day and I feel like these lessons were not only great fun but also some of the best learning experiences I had in High School.

New Program I Tried

I tried the program OneTrueMedia which is a movie editing program. It was very easy to use. You can use existing videos or photos from your computer to generate a new video. You can add music and edit effects on your video or pictures. The site was very simple and straight forward, I would recommend it to others. I can see this being used in a P.E. classroom to help demonstrate proper technique and show students examples of different things. As a strength coach I would use this to show my players proper technique so they would not get hurt. It could also be used to show other coaches what I am doing with my program. I could also use this to show my students their techniques and show them what need to be improved. Based off of Blooms Digital Taxonomy the way I would use this program I would categorize it as the level of evaluating. I say this because if the students can watch video on themselves then that can evaluate their own performance it will help them learn better technique.

EdTech Experience in School

The high school and elementary school that i attended were not very technology heavy at all. In my high school the most I had was one projector in my science classroom that we might have used one time. In my elementary school I do not think we had any technology that I know of. We were all paper and pencil. I am studying to be a physical education major so it is hard to say how I will use technology in my classroom because it will be a gym. I can say that I will use technology to help me as a teacher. I  will use online resources to gain more knowledge about certain subjects and to learn teaching techniques to help my students.