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New Program I Tried

I tried the program OneTrueMedia which is a movie editing program. It was very easy to use. You can use existing videos or photos from your computer to generate a new video. You can add music and edit effects on your video or pictures. The site was very simple and straight forward, I would recommend it to others. I can see this being used in a P.E. classroom to help demonstrate proper technique and show students examples of different things. As a strength coach I would use this to show my players proper technique so they would not get hurt. It could also be used to show other coaches what I am doing with my program. I could also use this to show my students their techniques and show them what need to be improved. Based off of Blooms Digital Taxonomy the way I would use this program I would categorize it as the level of evaluating. I say this because if the students can watch video on themselves then that can evaluate their own performance it will help them learn better technique.


EdTech Experience in School

The high school and elementary school that i attended were not very technology heavy at all. In my high school the most I had was one projector in my science classroom that we might have used one time. In my elementary school I do not think we had any technology that I know of. We were all paper and pencil. I am studying to be a physical education major so it is hard to say how I will use technology in my classroom because it will be a gym. I can say that I will use technology to help me as a teacher. I  will use online resources to gain more knowledge about certain subjects and to learn teaching techniques to help my students.