Project Based Learning (PBL) to me is a great way to teach people not just information but also how to use information and to relate it to real life situations. All people learn differently and that is why I think that the use of PBL and traditional teaching should go hand in hand. This gives students a equal chances to learn and also teaches them how to learn. A student could see that PBL is the way the remember things and learn things better and could use that in the future to study and learn. I got to use  PBL in my high school on occasion. In my Physics class we got the chance to build rockets and measure speed and trajectory and things of that sort. We also got to build derby cars and race them. The biggest project we did that was PBL was building trebuchet’s. We used these catapults to launch projectiles and measure accuracy and distance. I still remember these projects to this day and I feel like these lessons were not only great fun but also some of the best learning experiences I had in High School.