Unfortunately I never had the chance to have a discussion class online. I do believe that online teaching has its place but I also think that there is no replacement for face to face teaching. I believe that this style of teaching has a lot to do with respect and honor, and also a general relationship building between student and teacher. I myself have used videos and forums to learn information but this has always been an alternate way of learning for me, something I have done on my own time. I would not feel comfortable with myself just learning by video. I like the information presented to me in this way maybe because it always has been and partially because I am not a huge tech guy.  Video based learning does have its place. I believe that people with disabilities would utilize thus style of learning because it would allow them to learn from home. I also could see  soem classes such as history and English using this. I think that sciences and classes of that nature would struggle with this because so much of their learning is hands on.