I had the pleasure of observing at Redland Elementary school. I really enjoyed my time there and I was lucky enough to be place at a school that used technology n their P.E. classroom. While observing at Redland i got to observer lessons taught on a Wii fit. The Wii was bought through fund raising done directly by the program for that class specifically. The lessons that were taught on the Wii were mostly dancing lessons which got the whole class involved. This ensured max participation of the class. The Wii was a great tool for this class room and age group. Other than the Wii there was really limited technology used in the class room which was expected for a physical education class. However they did use a stereo to play music when the kids played. When the music stopped all the kids sat down and looked for the teacher. This was a good attention getter and worked very well for this class. Overall I had a great experience at Redland and I would not mind going back to see what they did int the future in there Physical Education class room