The article, Obama Administration’s Challenge To Schools: Embrace Digital Textbooks Within 5 Years was posted to the Huffington Post web site. The article starts off by asking if “hardbound textbooks going the way of slide rules and typewriters in schools?”. This is interesting because when you think school the first thing to mind is books or reading books. The article continues and then states that digital book could be a much cheaper solution and a easier way foe students to learn. The author then states that because of broadband capacity or lack of computers and tablets makes this process very difficult for some schools. Later in the article the author gives us the figure, 8 billion dollars is spent of books each year. This is a staggering number and it is a problem that book companies are trying to remedy.

This article was interesting to me because i think digital text book could benefit students but I also feel that some students would suffer because of this. I know personally that I can only read for a long time if I am looking at a book. If a stare at a computer screen my eyes get blurry and my back hurts due to bad posture sitting at a desk. I could see this being a problem foe many students. I know that we can not let a few people hold everyone back but we also cant leave people behind.